I'm very proud to announce the new poses vestige: zayra 1 and 2. There are two packs with 5 poses each
and I also want to thank to vestige the honor of creating these wonderful poses with my name.
They are in the event: EVA -Eden of Virtual Art

Pose 1: Vestige Female  Zayra 2 - Vestige - Zayra 1 - EVA -Eden of Virtual Art
Pose 2: Vestige Female  Zayra 10 - Vestige - Zayra 2 - EVA -Eden of Virtual Art
Top: MoDANNA [Stefani Collection] Ripped Shirt Black - Rock Attitude Fashion Fair 2.
Pants: MoDANNA [Stefani Collection] Leather Legging Black - Rock Attitude Fashion Fair 2.
Mouth piercing: PUNCH / Spider Bites II {gold/pure}
Shoes: {Six Essence}Cherry .
Tattoo: Infected - Vegas Tattoo (Appliers: maitreya, slink, belleza, tmp)
Head: Fiore
Hands and feet: slink
Body: maitreya

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If you want to talk to me inworld my name is: zayracampos resident

Review Police

First of all ty for be interest in my blog. I'm glad knowing there are people that apreciate my work.
If you want me to blog your creations im me or leave me a notecard. You can send me the folder and a notecard with lm, event and other details you think is necessary.
Unfortunately i don't have much time to be in SL. I try to blog at least once a day, more than this is almost impossible to me so, i probably won't blog everything you send to me. Plese don't be upset, i have my RL and i can't leave my obligations.
If you want to be my sponsor im me inworld or leave me a notecard if i'm offline
Ty for read and understand









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