In The Arms Of Sleep

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Blusa: =Libertine=Bonez Top Tangos + Phat Azz - Marketplace - 5 L
Calça: [77] Tight Leather Pants w Phat Azz Appliers - Marketplace - 77 L
Botas: LOORDES OF LONDON-MATTERLEY BIKING BOOT-CHARCOAL-WOMENS ( item de caçada - compre a chave preta com laço vermelho) 1 L
Cílios: .:Glamorize:. Lashes - Overkill (Mod/Copy) - Marketplace - 6 L
Sombra: .:Glamorize:. Back To Basics Eye Makeup - Marketplace - 10 L
Piercing: Free Gift-Lip piercing *Onyx Paw* - Marketplace - FREE

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If you want to talk to me inworld my name is: zayracampos resident

Review Police

First of all ty for be interest in my blog. I'm glad knowing there are people that apreciate my work.
If you want me to blog your creations im me or leave me a notecard. You can send me the folder and a notecard with lm, event and other details you think is necessary.
Unfortunately i don't have much time to be in SL. I try to blog at least once a day, more than this is almost impossible to me so, i probably won't blog everything you send to me. Plese don't be upset, i have my RL and i can't leave my obligations.
If you want to be my sponsor im me inworld or leave me a notecard if i'm offline
Ty for read and understand









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